A suite with a shower enclosure

A suite with a shower enclosure

More and more customers interested in bathroom redecorations appear to choose shower enclosures over bathtubs. Apparently, a bathroom suite which features a showering unit is now very popular so each and every bathroom manufacturer offers precisely the same or very similar products.

The choice of a bathroom…

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The choice of a bathroom suite has numerous advantages in itself. According to experts and customers who have already chosen suites, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to functionality and design. It’s the manufacturer’s job to make everything fit and work perfectly. At this stage it should be mentioned that suites that feature a shower enclosure are particularly interesting because except for the above-mentioned qualities, they also offer excellent space and energy efficiency.

When it comes to space efficiency, it…

When it comes to space efficiency, it is common knowledge that due to the choice of different trays, a showering unit makes excellent use of your bathroom area. Moving on to the energy efficiency, a showering facility absolutely wins every running water consumption competition and that excellent news. Coming back to the design aspect, the wide choice of different tray shapes also gives you a very good opportunity to actually choose one that best fits your very own bathroom.

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Interestingly, at the same time a shower unit is always cheaper and more practical to use than a bathtub.

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