Compact bathrooms with style

Compact bathrooms with style

Although the idea of sanitary ware downsizing is usually attributed to pure practicality and pragmatics, it must said that the idea of style isn’t entirely absent from the whole concept. As it seems, it is possible to be energy efficient and stylish at the same time. People have been trying to use their bathroom area to the fullest extent which is why space efficient sanitary ware products are very popular.

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Until recent times, however, saving space was predominantly believed to be all about practicality rather than style or design. Recently, though, all major sanitary ware manufacturers have introduced ranges of compact bathrooms with style which means that from now on it is possible to have a very space efficient bathroom without compromising the design aspect.

The idea behind the whole…

The idea behind the whole project is very simple in that it involves very clever bathroom products that take into account something more than just a number of square inches saved. As a result, a potential customer can choose from a whole variety of products such as toilets, shower enclosures, washbasins or bathtubs which are very conservative when it comes to the space they use and very liberal when it comes to the design they represent.

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